One thing I love the most here in Seoul is their love for good bread and pastries. I can live without rice but not these!

Myeongdong Kyoja

One of the best (and cheapest) restaurant in Myeongdong!  They only have 4 items in the menu, 3 noodles soup and 1 dumpling.  Everything is a must try! Myeongdong Kyoja 29, Myeongdong 10-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul Tel: +82 2 776 5348 Nearest Station: Myeongdong

Holy Library

Starfield Library, the biggest open library located inside Coex Mall! It is so comforting to see people who are actually reading books. I can stay here all day! Operating hours: 10:00-22:00 (Open all year round) Location: Located at the center of Central Plaza within Starfield COEX Mall, B1-1F, 513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul Closest Subway Station:…

My Chichai in Seoul!

It’s so comforting to have her here even just for 3 night and 2 days! Days and nights filled with lots of good food and yes, shopping with her friends, Aiko and Ray! At Peach Gray cafe! Where they give you a palette and watercolor.  Francesca was in watercolor heaven. See you very soon my…

$13 Dinner Date

Our cheapest but most delicious and memorable date at Namdaemun Market – the biggest traditional market in Korea. The KRW 5 Bibimbap! Simple and delicious!  KRW 3 meatball and vegetable pancake!  Delicious!

Bongwonsa Temple

My spirit was at so much joy and at peace in this place.  Such special, magical and majestic place.      

First Hike

Went for a hike yesterday late afternoon and we sweat like pigs! It was hot! The hike was fun but hot!  So we were told Koreans love to hike and most hiking places have tennis courts gym equipment around!  So crazy! I wouldn’t be playing tennis after a hike or get on the monkey bars…

First Home-Cooked Meals

Okay, they are store-bought ready meals! I just warmed them up 🙂  But not bad!  Way better than frozen dinners in the US! The Korean veggie pancakes and shrimp dumplings are tasty; and cooked rice is not bad either!

Dog Cafe

The first dog cafe we’ve been to here in Seoul!  It’s very impressive but expensive.  You must by a drink to get in to the room full of adorable dogs!  The drinks are at least KRW7! And if you like the dogs to come to you, you need to buy KRW 3 treats!  But overall,…