Water Gun Festival

And just how cool is that? Exploring the neighborhood around Yonsei University and we happened upon this ! And the kids, okay the millennials are very respectful of people who are just there to watch.  I still have to explore this neighborhood more!


Because we need our necessities! We bought the familiar ones and a few unfamiliar ones. Poor husband, he can’t find his diet coke!  


There’s ambience?!  I am so there!  I love this Atelier An!  Just a few blocks from our place. There are so many adorable places here in Seoul for coffee, tea, juice, dessert, ice cream!  I can’t wait to go to the coolest, most bizarre and the must-go ones!

First Korean Meal

Walked around the neighborhood starving!  Went to this restaurant and alas there are no english translation on the menu!  But thank you for the pictures on the menu,  we were able to turo-turo (point-point) 🙂 !   Koreans are big into meat! And we are not!  Something are stomachs need to adjust too.  And yes,…

First Meal!

Don’t judge! 🙂  After a long flight and an hour ride to home from the airport, we didn’t want to go anywhere.  And cereals and milk are our welcome food! Well, someone had pizza delivered to us.  I can’t complain.  I just wanted to shower and enjoy this new house.

Our New Home

We are blessed and very grateful for being provided a nice home here in Seoul.  I cannot wait to put my ambience and to pinterest this house 🙂  


Off to Seoul via Korean Air!  Food is not bad; service is good. A 10 hour flight from San Francisco! I can’t wait to savor all their good food, culture and history!