First Korean Meal

Walked around the neighborhood starving!  Went to this restaurant and alas there are no english translation on the menu!  But thank you for the pictures on the menu,  we were able to turo-turo (point-point) 🙂 !   Koreans are big into meat! And we are not!  Something are stomachs need to adjust too.  And yes, almost everything is spicy!  That pork is delicious wrapped in lettuce leaves with kimchi and fresh garlic!

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  1. Abby says:

    same here. I’m not a big eater of meat. I’d like soup and veggies more. This summer you should try cold noodles ~~ 물냉면 this is not spicy, 비빔냉면 is spicy.

  2. June Macabenta says:

    yummy thge meat not the other one too organic

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