$13 Dinner Date

Our cheapest but most delicious and memorable date at Namdaemun Market – the biggest traditional market in Korea. The KRW 5 Bibimbap! Simple and delicious!  KRW 3 meatball and vegetable pancake!  Delicious!

First Home-Cooked Meals

Okay, they are store-bought ready meals! I just warmed them up 🙂  But not bad!  Way better than frozen dinners in the US! The Korean veggie pancakes and shrimp dumplings are tasty; and cooked rice is not bad either!

Pho Bay!

A great find!  Inexpensive and delicious Vietnamese food!  And it so fun to make your own spring rolls!  At first, it’s really a challenge and our first spring rolls were kinda ugly and funny looking.  Husband’s first and only attempt is complete failure as shown on the last picture! He soaked the rice paper too…

Bread & Pastries!

We are not big rice eaters and we cannot live without bread! And thank heavens for Peter Pan Bakery!  They have branches all over Seoul and there is one just 5 mins walk from us!   So many good bakeries here!

Chinese Food

I don’t know how people in Seoul stay in shape!  There are so many good food around, regardless what cuisine!  Well, just never go to McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, and other US fast food chains!  Who wants those when you can have the best Asian cuisines in Seoul!  (I am not anti-American, just…

Cooking Oil, NOT!

I made my first mistake and assumed that this is a cooking oil! The color looks like cooking oil and it has meat and fish on the label 🙂 ! So I assumed this is oil to fry meat and fish!  I poured it on a hot pan to cook scrambled eggs and it evaporated…


Because we need our necessities! We bought the familiar ones and a few unfamiliar ones. Poor husband, he can’t find his diet coke!  


There’s ambience?!  I am so there!  I love this Atelier An!  Just a few blocks from our place. There are so many adorable places here in Seoul for coffee, tea, juice, dessert, ice cream!  I can’t wait to go to the coolest, most bizarre and the must-go ones!

First Korean Meal

Walked around the neighborhood starving!  Went to this restaurant and alas there are no english translation on the menu!  But thank you for the pictures on the menu,  we were able to turo-turo (point-point) 🙂 !   Koreans are big into meat! And we are not!  Something are stomachs need to adjust too.  And yes,…

First Meal!

Don’t judge! 🙂  After a long flight and an hour ride to home from the airport, we didn’t want to go anywhere.  And cereals and milk are our welcome food! Well, someone had pizza delivered to us.  I can’t complain.  I just wanted to shower and enjoy this new house.