Chinese Food

I don’t know how people in Seoul stay in shape!  There are so many good food around, regardless what cuisine!  Well, just never go to McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, and other US fast food chains!  Who wants those when you can have the best Asian cuisines in Seoul!  (I am not anti-American, just anti-Trump!)

We had these delicious Chinese food around Sinchon.  The fried potstickers and noodles with black bean paste are delicious. Of course, there are sides of kimchi and other pickled veggies that go with every meal here. The lady waitress is so funny in exerting her limited English.

They don’t tip here in South Korea!  They refuse to get tips – in restaurants, taxis, everywhere!  Plus you don’t leave your payment on the table, you bring it to the cashier.



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